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The NSW/ACT Chapter of EESA supports its members across NSW and the ACT by

  • Running an annual conference (normally in Sydney) where participants are encouraged to “come, listen, participate, network and be informed”. In addition live feeds of the entire program are provided to “online participants” around Australia. The annual conference focusses on the subject areas currently impacting the electric energy industry and the many businesses that interact with and support these businesses.
  • Arranging field visits to particular sites and activities of interest to members
  • Arranging 1 hr live webinars across a range of topics – generally on a monthly basis. For those unable to participate in these events live, these webinars are then available to be viewed by EESA members on the EESA website at a time that is suitable to them.
  • Arranging short presentations on key topics for people to attend in person and network with their peers. Again these are recorded for EESA members to view at a later time
  • Supporting the Australian Power Institute's undergraduate bursary program
  • Coordinating participation by relevant industry experts in CIRED and CIGRE committees
  • Working with other organisations (e.g. Engineers Australia (EA), Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE) and Universities) to cross promote areas of common interest including seminars and conferences
  • Providing EESA members with ongoing access to “past papers” on a range of subject areas. These can be accessed from the EESA website and could range from written documents right through to recorded presentations.
  • Providing content for the 2 monthly EESA National Bulletin that.

The EESA NSW/ACT Chapter is committed to engaging with many stakeholders including

  • Corporations including Electricity suppliers, Equipment suppliers, Retailers (particularly those involved in metering, generation and load control) and Consultancy groups
  • Individuals, including Engineers and other professionals and paraprofessionals, Contractors (including electricity network Accredited Service Providers), Small scale embedded generators and Private network owners
  • Universities including lecturers, Undergraduates/recent graduates
  • Regulators

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