Conway (members) and Cresswell (non-members) prizes for best paper presented at an EESA Annual Conference.

Each year awards are presented at the Annual EESA Conference for the best paper by a member (Conway) and a non-member (Cresswell).

AM Conway was the first President of the Association when it was formed in 1924, serving from the first annual meeting in 1925 until his death in 1926, at the age of 38.  He had been Chief Electrical Engineer at Orange.  The value of the Conway Prize was initially set at Five Pounds and was for the best paper presented by a member of the association.

A J Cresswell was President in 1932-33 and 1945-46.  He also served as Treasurer in 1931-32.  The award for the best paper by a non-member was initiated in 1977 and set at a value of $40.  Mr Cresswell was Chief Electrical Engineer at Hornsby.

Click here for a list of prize winners from 1932 - 2013


Awards presented at EECON NSW 2014, Sydney

Conway Prize: John Wright-Smith Update on utility applications of super-conducting technologies



Cresswell Prize: Darren Jenkins Advances in PPE in utilities 


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